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Art Exhibition
3 January - 14 February 2020

The Art & Science of Happiness

“As we embark upon a new decade, I feel it’s a perfect time for people to explore the all elusive happiness that so many are striving for, a perfect time to look oneself in the eyes and see in 2020 the vision to make that leap into the next phase of our lives. I want to share a visual that is a harbinger of serenity, tranquility, inspiration, faith and ultimately happiness,” said Hilton.
If we are faced with negativity, anger, anxiety or addiction, we don’t want to replicate that behavior. We want to help those people to replicate ours – to understand that we can be the mirror others will want to look into and reflect into themselves
Arica Hilton

Exhibition Details

3 January 2020
14, February 2020
Hilton-Asmus Contemporary
716 N. Wells St.
Chicago, IL 60654
P: 312-852-8200



November 15, 2020 -
April 25, 2021

The Art & Science of Happiness