"I have never believed that our lives are predestined by the event that happened before or that we cannot change our circumstances because of one choice or another. I believe in the power of vision. I believe in free will, that we can choose our path the way we want to design it."

Her Story



An Artist and Biochemist Explore the Beauty of Water and Danger of Pollutants.

Thursday, August 27, 2-3 p.m. CDT

Speakers: Arica Hilton, Janet Angel Welch, and Gail Sturm (Moderator)

From biochemist Janet Angel’s powerful invention to transform oil spills into food for marine life, to artist Arica Hilton’s art advocacy for the oceans, you will not want to miss their underwater stories of life’s most critical resource. This panel is moderated by Gail Sturm, Chair of the Brushwood Center Board of Directors.


This program features a special musical performance, “Reflections on Earth – Oceans,” created by Sibylle Szaggars Redford, The Way of the Rain Artistic Director with music by Tim Janis and spoken word by Robert Redford.

The Artist

Art that touches something universally significant in all human beings.

Arica Hilton's multi-media artworks are exhibited in galleries around the world. Whether it is visual art or poetic expressions of language and music, every aspect of her creativity is geared towards one form of art melding into another.

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The Global Advocate

Using creativity to bring awareness to threats that endanger all living things.

It was a fascination with the realm of creation that led Arica Hilton to understand the interconnection of humanity, the environment and universe.

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