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It was a fascination with the realm of creation that led Arica Hilton to understand the interconnection of humanity, the environment and universe.

Her life’s mission is to use her creativity to bring awareness to threats that endanger the delicate balance of all living things. Water and the dangers of microplastics figure prominently in Hilton’s advocacy work. With a strong interest in the well-being of women and children, Hilton continues to explore the world in search of solutions that will ensure a healthy future for generations to come.

Recent explorations and projects include:

Raja Ampat

Hilton traveled to the Indonesian archipelago of Raja Ampat in the Pacific Ocean as one of two artists selected to participate in the Elysium – Artists for the Coral Triangle Expedition in 2018.  Sponsored by Ocean Geographic magazine, the expedition engaged artists, photographers, scientists, musicians and writers to document threats to the extraordinary biodiversity of the Coral Triangle.  Protection of the area from unsustainable fishing practices, over-exploitation and climate change is a global priority.

Infused Plastic Art

In recent work, Hilton infuses ground plastic bottles into her paintings to highlight the insidious assimilation of microplastics into food as the particles travel up the food chain from the oceans.

Greenheart International’s 2019 Global Leader Honoree

Hilton was honored as Greenheart International’s 2019 Global Leader Honoree for her work as an artist, curator and youth empowerment champion. Greenheart International is a global nonprofit that educates children to become global leaders. Previous Honorees include Nobel Peace Prize co-recipient Jerry White for his work on banning land mines and Hungarian scientist, philosopher and Nobel Prize nominee Dr. Ervin Laszlo.

Gallery as Platform

Hiltons Asmus Contemporary gallery regularly hosts public events where issues of conservation and the environment are presented by thought leaders in their fields. Hilton’s gallery also represents artists focused on these issues, including David Yarrow for both his international photography and his wildlife conservation efforts.

Environmentally-Conscious Commissions

Hilton is commissioned to create monumental artworks at environmentally-conscious venues, including the lobby of a LEED Certified Gold building in Chicago and a water-inspired painting for an architecture and engineering firm that that specializes in water-based community projects worldwide.

I Flow Like Water

In her series, “I Flow Like Water,” Hilton highlights water conservation and the problem of plastics in oceans. “I Flow Like Water” was exhibited at the Beirut Art Fair; QU ART in Brussels, Belgium; the Union League Club of Chicago; the Caux Forum for Just Governance and Human Security in Caux, Switzerland and Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu and Shenzhen in China.

Starmus Festival V

Hilton traveled to Zurich, Switzerland, in 2019 to Starmus Festival V, a global gathering of leading astrophysicists, iconic musicians, artists, astronauts, Nobel laureates and scientists who share a goal of bringing an understanding and appreciation of science to the public worldwide.

Affiliations and recognitions:

Lead Artist-in-Residence

Immersive Van Gogh Chicago Exhibit

Art Ambassador

WomanScape – a network of diverse writers providing stories about women in history, women making history and those championing progress around the globe

2019 Global Leader Honoree

Greenheart International

Advisory Board

Chicago Children’s Advocacy Center

President’s Circle Member

Chicago Council on Global Affairs


Greenheart International -- a global nonprofit that educates children to become global leaders

Former President of the Board

Poetry Center of Chicago


International Women Associates (IWA)